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3D Animation

It’s been very exciting to support the MadeBrave team with the delivery of their immersive VR solution, for First Bus/Octopus energy. The idea behind the project was to showcase the joint efforts between First Bus and Octopus energy, to revitalize First Bus’s Caledonia Depot (UK’s largest EV charging hub). The viewer is taken on a journey in a flying bus, accompanied by Octopus tour guide Constantine. Narrative evolves around explaining both companies’ vision of the future and their strategy related to electric transport.

Within the project itself, we were responsible for delivering the ‘Above Glasgow/Depot’ scenes, together with the end shot, where we see Glasgow landmarks.

The project was delivered as part of the COP26 Summit in Glasgow. The film below is in 360 so don’t forget to look around with your mouse!


VR Room setup


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