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We bring
your story
to life

FULLSCRN. is a CG-driven, multidisciplinary design studio, based in Edinburgh, UK – operating worldwide.

We offer a range of services, from Branding, Motion Design/VFX, 3D Animation, UX Design to Film. Our designers have a wide range of skills, therefore every project is unique and each solution bespoke. We aim to push the boundaries of visual quality and whatever we make, we want to be proud to show it full screen.

Powered by experienced designers passionate about Visual communication; Design & Visual effects, we create best-in-class visual media to bring your story to life.

Our creativity and attention to detail means we’re not afraid to push boundaries, ultimately turning work into play to deliver compelling results.

Every project
is unique

Eurometal Group

Motion Design / 3D Animation

PolyTech A/S

Motion Design / 3D Animation

Moi Mili

Graphic Design / Illustration

Alter Joanna Kawka

Graphic Design / 3D Visualisation

Royal Bank of Scotland & Natwest

Motion Design

Snapshot Pensions

Motion Design / Illustration

Snapshot Pensions

UI / UX Design

Cornerstone Asset Management

UI / UX Design


Motion Design / 3D Animation


Graphic Design / 3D Visualisation

The Early Bird

Graphic Design / Branding / 3D Visualisation

Magna Hungaria Restaurant

Graphic Design / Branding

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